Be photographed the way you have always wanted
Glamour , Crystal Lynx
Over the years as an experienced commercial photographer I was asked from time to time to produce, shall we say, photography of a more intimate nature by my commercial clients. They already knew me, and trusted me from our commercial relationships. I had some experience shooting glamour photography early in my career and was glad to do so. After some time I have decided to pursue it full time. I was already traveling extensively so it seemed only natural.

Although Implications Photography is relatively new business.It is not new to glamour photography. With over fifteen years of experience as a commercial photographer, you will benefit from the experience and problem solving skills gained from those years to produce premium quality glamour photography of you.

My clients include all sorts of women of all ages, and from all sorts of backgrounds who want to be photographed for many different reasons. They usually have one thing in common. They are more adventurous, daring, and confident. But typically they fall into two categories. First are those who just want to be photographed in a glamourous fashion in ways they have seen in magazines or on the web. They have no particular desire to publish or make public their imagery. Second, are those who wish to pursue a modeling career and need to produce a body of work in an expedient fashion or perhaps they are already modeling and need additional content. We have worked extensively for both kinds of clients.

It is much easier than you might think to obtain such images. Start by contacting me. Ask questions. You will get honest answers and I'll freely consult with you on what you might have in mind and offer suggestions on the easiest and best way to obtain sexy, glamorous images the you will be proud of and will make other women wish they were you. Every photo session is tailored to your wants and needs as far as makeup, clothing (or the lack of it), and location. We are not judgmental about the theme of your session, so there is no need to be reticent or shy about what you want. Just go ahead and do it. We'll quote you a price based on all parameters. I promise you'll be please and satisfied or there is no charge.