Got Question? Just Ask.

I have never done this. I am not sure I will be good at it. My ass is too fat.

How do I set up a photo session?

What about locations?

What about privacy? How do I know my photos are private?

Who will be at the shoot?

How much does it cost?

What about retouching. Do you do that?

What if I don't like my photos?

I am a professional model. Do you produce web content?

We have heard it all. Here is where the experience comes in. It may come as a shock to know that even the women considered the most beautiful in our society have their good and bad features. Don't worry. We know how to deal with those features you may not want to show and those you want to showcase. By using lens craft, lighting, posing techniques and the right costuming we will make you look hot! If you can follow directions we can produce sexy glamour and boudoir photography you'll be proud of and make you the envy of other women. If you are already experienced you owe it to yourself to have your photography produced by an experienced professional.
The easiest way is to use our contact page. Send us an email and you will get a quick reply. We will ask you a number of questions. You can ask us anything you need to know. Then we will determine a date and time.
Locations are up to you. Often they are a clients home, indoors or outdoors, other times we obtain other locations, a bed and breakfast or luxury hotel, and of course there is the option to use a studio as well. Some clients have even scheduled a shoot at a vacation location. If you have an idea great. If not, we can help you.
No one will see your photos but you and just those necessary to produce the photography. We even have a "it never happened" option. Once we have delivered your photography, all traces of the images are erased securely. You will be glad to know that laws protect your privacy and prevent the use of your photography without your permission. We take great pains to maintain the privacy of our clients. We will supply a nondisclosure agreement if you wish as well. The photos on the site are owned by Implications and we have model releases for all images you see. Who sees you photography is up to only you.
Typically just the photographer and client, perhaps the photographer's assistant if necessary, or a makeup person if required. In any case, only those required to produce the work will be allow on "set". You can of course have anyone there you wish. Your comfort and security are necessary to us in order to make good photographs. Often a husband, boyfriend, or girlfriend will be on the premises. I am a commercial photographer and am quite comfortable with working with others or alone. However, anyone you bring will not be allowed to direct, interrupt, or otherwise interfere with the production of photography for your interest and ours.
It depends. We will consult with you, determine what all is required and give you a firm quote spelling out all of the expenses. It depends on whether there is a makeup artist, stylist, or location expenses. Once photography is completed additional products such as prints, portfolios, books, dvd's, etc are available a la carte. The minimum for two hours of photography, at your location, and your wardrobe, with no MUA or stylist is three hundred dollars. Hourly rates go down for a half day or full day shoot. Typical shoots are three to four hours, with approximately 500-650 photos taken. Video is produced at the same price, but we recommend more than two hours to produce professional quality work.
Every image delivered is edited (retouched). Everyone gets Photoshopped. Digital cameras are not kind to human skin. Because they produce what photographers call high local contrast they magnify skin texture. We edit each image to have smooth beautiful skin, removing any blemishes, scars, or stray hair. You can be assured of commercial quality image editing on each image that is delivered. In addition we use proprietary editing techniques that allow us to spend more time producing images and less time setting up for the shot.
There is a satisfaction guarantee. If you don't like it you don't pay. We delete the photos and return your deposit. It has never happened. We are careful to about how we choose our clients. Time is spent consulting and getting to know the women we photograph and understanding what they want. If it is not a good match, we won't let our clients waste their time.
Much of the photography produced by Implications is published on the web for professional models. Some have gone on to pose for Playboy. In addition we produce photography for models just starting out. More and more attractive women of all ages are making money modeling for other photographers, both amateur and professional. They publish portfolios on sites like Model Mayhem, iStudio, One Model Place, and others. Of course they need good photography to showcase their modeling talents and Implications can provide a wide variety of looks so they can quickly establish themselves. We have special rates for pro models who need to update their portfolios on a regular basis. Just ask about it.